My Top 3 Pieces of Wedding Advice - Ottawa Wedding Videographer

It's getting difficult for me to keep count of exactly how many weddings I've witnessed but it's somewhere around the 120 mark when I add it up in my head. A small number of these I attended as guests, some I photographed, some I assisted other wedding photographers for and the majority of them I filmed. 

With this experience has come a wealth of knowledge that comes in handy every weekend. I just know what's about to happen and how to capture it. I don't miss a thing. And I love every second of it. I want to share with you a few things that I've learned over the years that seem to ring true across the board. Hopefully they will help you prepare for your big day! 

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1. Don't sweat the small stuff

Pretty much every single wedding out of the aforementioned 120 that I've been to, some small aspect of something didn't go as planned. Expect that things will not go exactly as planned. It's really important to just roll with it and remember that it's most important to just enjoy your day. When you hire reputable and trustworthy vendors, you will be at ease knowing that they can handle anything that doesn't quite go as planned. If something comes up that doesn't quite meet your expectation, try not to worry about it too much. 

2. Don't get caught up in the schedule of your day

It's important to have a schedule to follow to make sure that your day is organized. However don't get too caught up in it. Try not to always be thinking of the time and what's next on the to do list for the day. Instead just try to live in the moment and enjoy it. The day does by so fast! 

3. There are no "rules" of what your wedding day has to look like

It can be really easy to start comparing your wedding to others and think that's there is a way that weddings are "supposed to be". But your wedding doesn't have to be traditional if you don't want it to be. I don't even know what traditional means anymore now-a-days. You can make your wedding whatever you want it to be! And I think that's the whole fun in it! If you want to elope with a small number of friends and family, so be it! If you want to serve pizza for dinner or cotton candy at the reception go for it! If you want to get married in your back yard or at a venue, either are great! The possibilities are endless. Make decisions based on what YOU want, not what you think others will expect you to have, or what you think you should have. Have fun with it! Think about what would be most enjoyable for you and your partner and stick to that! 


These are just a few things to consider about your upcoming wedding. It can be easy to become overwhelmed with wedding planning but just remember this is an exciting time for you and just try to make the whole experience as enjoyable as possible - whatever that may look like to you! When the wedding day is over you will be married to the love of your life, and that is more amazing then the wedding itself. 

A Look Back on 2017

I honestly can't believe that 2017 has come and gone! What an incredible year it was for me personally and for my business. 

When I look back on all the couples that I was able to work with this past year, nothing makes me happier. Every single one of my couples this year were incredible to work with. In each of their films you can truly see the love they have for one another. So when I think back on all of these films, I think about all the LOVE that I was lucky enough to witness. What a privilege it is to be asked to document such an important day in their lives. 


Here's a look back at some of my FAVOURITE moments from 2017! To each and every one of my clients this past year, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for trusting my artistic vision and skills. 

Cheers to a bright and beautiful 2018 and many more wedding films this year!